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Do you have an old switchboard in your house? 

Upgrade to the latest switchboards for an added layer of safety for your home.

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safety switches

If you have an older style home you may not have safety switches installed, which puts you and your loved ones at risk of potentially fatal electrical shock, fires and alike. If your home does not already have a safety switch installed this should be done by an A grade Electrician at your earliest convenience. It’s important to understand that a safety switch goes beyond the capabilities of a circuit breaker or surge diverter and ensures you and your family have the highest level of protection. The safety switch sits idle detecting any fluctuation in the electrical current within a tolerance. Once the fluctuation exceeds the pre-established tolerance the power is automatically shut off by the safety switch.
For example:

You are in your garage using power tools on a wall, you’re drilling into the wall and you strike the power cable. If you do not have a safety switch you are at risk of a very dangerous electric shock. If you do have a safety switch, the switch detects the fluctuation in current as soon as your drill comes into contact with the cable shutting down the power supply and removing the risk of electric shock. A safety switch is just as important as a fire alarm or smoke detector in your home.

They should be installed into both new and older homes and regularly tested to ensure they are working. If you would like to install a safety switch in your home, or have a professional A grade electrician look at it for maintenance then contact Millerwatts customer service team today for a comprehensive obligation free quote.

RCD and Circuit Breakers

If your home was built post 2009 then it more than likely has an RCD installed as mandated by law. If your home is a traditional Richmond terrace built pre 2009 then you should consider having a circuit breaker installed by the expert team at Millerwatts today.

An RCD is an electrical safety device that detects current leakage or an imbalance in the electrical current, when these situations are detected the RCD works instantly to shut down the current. A circuit breaker is in place to protect your home from electrical fires by monitoring the wires to ensure they do not overheat and the electrical circuits are not overloaded.

If you would like to install a safety switch, RCD or circuit breaker into your home, or have a professional A grade electrician look at it for maintenance then contact the friendly Millerwatts team today. We are here to assist with any questions you may have about your Richmond home and electrical safety.
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