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Switchboard Faults/Installations

Melbourne Team

Switchboards are an integral part of an electrical installation. The switchboard is where the mains cabling is terminated in the main switch, and power is distributed to each individual sub-circuit using circuit breakers and residual current devices.

At times components of a switchboard can become faulty. Common faults are faulty RCD Safety Switches, fault circuit breakers and burnt, damaged cables caused by overload or a poor connection.

We aim to keep our vehicles fully stocked with switchboard components so that we can help our clients when they have a switchboard fault.

Ceramic fuse boards are a relic from the past but are surprisingly still present in a large number of Melbourne homes. When we come across these fuse boards, they can be very hard to repair (parts no longer available) and we usually recommend to the client that they have a switchboard upgrade competed.

We are experts in repairing and installing switchboards, and would love to help you today with your switchboard.