Power Points


A question we’ve been asked by clients in relation to power points is, “If nothing is plugged into the power point but the power point switch is on, does the power point use power?” We have even witnessed people madly turning off all power point switches before leaving home!

If the power point has nothing plugged into it, but the switch is on, no electricity is used. With nothing plugged in, it is what electricians call an open circuit. The active and neutral paths are disconnected without anything plugged in, making a dead end. This means it is not a complete circuit, so current can’t flow and electricity isn’t used.

Some people worry about how much energy and money they are wasting from their TV red indicator light being on when the TV is off. A study conducted by EDF Energy found that a TV in standby mode (off, but with the power point switch on, meaning the red light on the TV is on) will use approximately 1.6W for an entire year of being on standby. This would cost around $3.50 for the year. We’ll let you decide if it’s worth turning the power point switch on and off all the time…

Tip: Power points with built in USB points are a great way to remove bulky chargers from the home.
Cameron Miller