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Millerwatts electrical are the preferred choice for Richmond business’ who require 3 phase power upgrades, repairs and installation of outlets and equipment.

3 phase power is ideal for larger commercial and industrial properties that require large amounts of power to continually be delivered to ensure things run smoothly. 3 phase power operates through the use of live wires combining their voltage together to deliver a larger more economical supply of power.

Live wires increase the voltage delivered to 400-415 volts, this high dose of power is extremely dangerous when not handled with care by a professional A grade electrician and is not suitable for any sort of DIY handling.



3 phase power is generally referred to as heavy duty power and is not found or suitable for residential properties where single phase (240 volts) power is found.

The Millerwatts team of trusted licensed A grade electricians are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to commercial electrical works and requirements. 

Our team are available to repair and or install 3 phase power to your property. Our skilled team can design the wiring layout to ensure your unique site requirements are considered to allow economical and efficient use of 3 phase power. This wiring layout will also include the location of emergency stop buttons and other required safety measures as instructed by law

The Millerwatts team offer broad range of 3 phase services including:

Installation of 3 phase power to your commercial property coupled with the voltage design to meet your requirements.

Installation of the required 415 volt circuits to support the 3 phase power in your property

Installation of safety switches and emergency stop buttons applied to protect your staff and customer when operating with or around 3 phase high voltage power.

Installation and maintenance of 3 phase electricity metering devices as required to meet compliance with australian standards.

The installation of 3 phase power should only be undertaken by licensed and trusted professionals to ensure it is done right the first time.


You may be asking, what are the benefits of installing 3 phase power, sockets and outlets for my business. The benefits are many are varied depending on the needs of your business.
Instantaneous power is by far one of our favourite benefits of 3 phase as well as its tremendous energy efficiency for the level of power delivered. 3 phase power is generally 2-3% more efficient than single phase power while delivering three times more power. This results in significant cost savings for you and your business in the long run.
As well as being instantaneous, far more efficient and providing significant cost savings, 3 phase power provides a more consistent power supply with no to minimal torque variation or vibration.
Millerwatts are the 3 phase professionals with over 15 years experience servicing the Richmond area. Our team understands the requirements of business’ in this area and have hundreds of case studies and testimonials of business’ who have taken it to the next level using Millerwatts 3 phase electricity services.

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